Britax Testimonial: Solving the Toughest Molding Challenges

The Challenge

Our previous molding production and process records did not enable us to monitor process parameters or machine performance in real time. This prevented us from being able to ensure stable and consistent product quality. Because of our limited product traceability and production record, we weren’t able to trace back the production status to test, troubleshoot, or find root causes of reject parts. We had no way of knowing if issues were due to the raw material, machine condition, process parameters, or another factor.

We contacted a molding consultant to troubleshoot our product failures using scientific molding methodologies. Though this was a very powerful tool for setting up correct molding process parameters, it was not a solution for continuous process monitoring and control.

The Solution

We first heard about RJG from one of our suppliers who had previously implemented the eDART SystemTM in their molding workshop. We started our relationship with RJG by sending a few key people to training in 2013 in order to get to know RJG and determine whether it would be the solution we were looking for.

We had such a great experience in the training, we decided to implement the eDART System in 2014. The installation of the system went smoothly, but we faced one key issue: the molders on the floor were stuck in their old ways and unwilling to change their processes. We continued to send our technicians to training so that they could better understand why we were making such huge changes and learn how to properly run and maintain a process. They now understand that high and consistent quality control is crucial for performance and certification testing.

The Result

Since working with RJG, our team has established a strong knowledge base of how a good, controlled molding process is run. We continue to receive positive product testing results, and the problem has been completely resolved. The staff at RJG provided outstanding on-site training and mid-term review to ensure we were on the right track.

The eDART System provides our customers and management with data to back up each part. They’re able to rest easy knowing that the process is in control. We’re also able to proactively monitor process parameter variations and screen out potential quality risks. We have faced huge cost savings through the prevention of poor quality, product recall, and scrap. That not only saves us money, but helps build up our brand as reliable and trustworthy.

We definitely plan on implementing more RJG equipment in the future. Though we have a strong start in scientific molding, we have a huge opportunity to expand the eDART System to the rest of our plant and learn even more about how to fully utilize the system.

Eric Liu
Asia Operations Director

About Britax

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