Medical Molding

RJG’s injection molding process optimization technology and services are a recognized industry benchmark. From consultative training, to a diverse line of instrumentation, software, and sensors; RJG partners with the Medical Industry by helping their Molders improve quality and assure that validated molding processes are transferable into production with documented equivalent results. The focus is to replicate a consistent “end result” using the Machine Independent Variables™ (MIV) and verification of what was happening in the cavity using technology, instead of machine inputs/settings for a defined robust “part process”.


‘Part Process’ Development and Validation for Multiple Machines

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A Team Approach to Product Development

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Revalidation Using Machine Independent Data

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Process Matching with the eDART® System

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TZERO®: Design Optimization

Design Optimization

“ … Verify with Technology”
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Components of a Successful “Part Process” Validation