Welcome to the Future of Smart Technology

Gain a competitive advantage with advanced analytics from anywhere.

Reduce waste, improve efficiency, and raise your bottom line.

Empower your team to improve morale and employee retention.

Raise your bottom line, improve operational efficiency, and stay competitive with the industry’s latest technology. Data is power, but understanding that data and how to use it is what leads to success.

What You Can Do with The Hub

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

By understanding where your facilities excel or could be improved, you are able to make smart business decisions quickly, giving you a huge competitive advantage.

Achieve Global Alignment and Standardization

Get global facilities on the same page through standardized processes, improving organizational efficiency and significantly reducing waste.

Convert Data to Knowledge

Data means nothing if it isn’t analyzed or put in a usable format—quickly and easily learn what your data is telling you at a glance so you can focus your efforts only where they’re needed.

Build an Audit Trail

There’s no need to worry whether a customer received a bad part with historical records proving the quality of each and every part that goes out the door.

Automate Job Audit Reports

Save on time and resources manually auditing processes, and enjoy automated job audit reports that you can access at any time during or after a run.

Put the Right Mold in the Right Machine

Prevent damage and poor quality parts with machine recommendations for each mold. Quickly know which compatible machines are available to run the mold.

The Hub Capable Machines Screenshot

Access All Facility Assets from One Place

Store and share documents for your machines, molds, parts, and materials across your organization from a single user interface.

The Hub Facility Assets Screenshot

Launch Tools Faster with Automatically Generated Process Sheets

Get to market faster with automatically generated process sheets, just plug them into a CoPilot and start making good parts.

The Hub Setup Sheet Screenshot

Compare Software Apps

The Hub Software Applications

Historical Process Data N    
Audit Reports for Process Changes N    
Plant-Wide Summary Reports N    
Plant-Overview Dashboards N    
Process Statistics N    
Facility Asset Database: Machines, Molds, Parts and Materials   N N
Mold Match Recommendations for Fit and Capabilities   N N
Universal Process Sheet Database   N N
Machine Specific Setup Sheet Database   N N
Automatically Generated Machine Specific Setup Sheet   N N
Revision History   N N
Moldex3D® and Autodesk Moldflow InSight® Simulation File Database     N
Automatically Populated Mold Database     N
Automatically Generated Universal Process Sheet     N