Tip of the Day 137: Injection Forward ≠ First Stage

We have had some problems when hooking up to machines with the nomenclature for „Injection Forward“. Many times machines call the filling (speed) phase „Injection“ so our customers get this signal wired in and call it „Injection Forward“. The eDART™ expects „Injection Forward“ to be a signal that goes on at the beginning of the cycle and off at the end of hold. It should look like this:

Problems arise when you name the signal „Injection Forward“ and it goes off at the end of filling (speed control) like this:

The above is NOT the way the signal should be named. If you use „Injection Forward“ for the filling phase the eDART will compute incorrect hold times and pressures, incorrect matching of templates for Template Match values and other problems.

The solution is to name the signal correctly, specifically „First Stage“: the signal that goes on during the speed portion of the machine’s cycle. Machine wiring has many different names for this signal: „First Stage“, „Injection“, „Boost“ or „Filling“ are commen names. Once you have determined that the signal goes off at the end of speed you should change the name in Sensor Locations like this:

If you can find BOTH signals, „Injection Forward“, ‚till end of hold, and „First Stage“ for speed phase, by all means name them both as shown below. This is the most accurate method of telling the eDART what the machine is doing.