9 Reasons You Should Upgrade from eDART to CoPilot

Injection molding is a complex and precise process that requires accurate monitoring and control to ensure high-quality parts. In recent years, technological advancements have brought about significant improvements in injection molding systems. Though RJG’s eDART® System has been a trusted, proven process control system for decades, it is being re-platformed to a user-friendly interface so we can continue to solve new, challenging problems for our clients. This new platform is the CoPilot®.

Here are 9 reasons you should upgrade your eDART to a CoPilot today:

  1. Make more money. Raise your bottom line with less waste in your process. CoPilot’s easy-to-read interface combined with new, innovative tools allows you to make higher quality parts faster while freeing up resources for higher priority projects.
  2. Improve your operational efficiency. The CoPilot’s simple, user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to see what’s happening in your machine, even for new or untrained staff. Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and effectively, lower machine downtime, transfer tools from machine to machine, and speed up cycles times.
  3. Be a leader in the industry. In order to maintain competitive in a highly saturated, technology-driven market, it’s vital to ensure you’re utilizing the latest, most cutting edge technology. The market is flooded… utilizing next-generation technology that gets you to market faster, cheaper, and with better quality than your competition is what’s going to bring your organization to the next level.
  4. Bridge the skills gap. CoPilot’s simple design was created with untrained staff in mind, so that anybody could walk up to a press and fix a process fast through step-by-step instructions. The skills gap leaves employees unsure how to take full advantage of the eDART, so it often goes underutilized. CoPilot bridges that gap without expensive, time consuming training.
  5. Free up valuable employee time. There aren’t enough people on the plant floor to keep an eye on all of the machines and continuously monitor the eDARTs, and Process Engineers have higher priority items to focus on than continuously fixing processes. Process Techs can know the second a process strays or a machine goes down with real time, on-screen notifications visible at a glance. Then they can effectively fix the process without the need of Process Engineers‘ valuable time. That allows high value employees to spend their time doing high value activities, while process technicians experience lower stress and higher morale through the ability to resolve issues on their own. That means happier, more fulfilled staff and lower turnover.
  6. Make data-driven decisions easier and faster. CoPilot and The Hub make it easier than ever to analyze and utilize data to troubleshoot and improve processes. The new technology offers a lower learning curve, so everyone can get up to speed quickly with minimal training.
  7. Access data from anywhere on your mobile device. CoPilot connects to The Hub, which gives you access to your entire plant floor on your mobile device. That means you can see the status of every machine, know how many good or bad parts are being produced, see which machines are down, troubleshoot problems, and more from anywhere in the world. Imagine facility-wide data at your fingertips.
  8. Stop using legacy products. eDART is a legacy product that is gradually being phased out. Update your technology to the future of process control before it becomes antiquated, and take advantage of new features that are being released on CoPilot all the time.
  9. It’s more cost effective to migrate now. We are currently offering trade-in value for eDARTs to make it easier on your budget to make the switch. It will also be more cost effective to switch sooner than later to limit the number of eDART systems that need to be replaced and data that needs to be transferred.

CoPilot is the future of plastic injection molding, and there’s no better time to switch over than now. Want to learn more about upgrading and how much your current eDART systems are worth? Contact your RJG representative today, or fill out this form.