New Product Alert: RJG to Announce 3 New Products at K 2016

We are bursting with excitement to announce and demo our newest products in booth 13D90 at K Show next month. We will, of course, bring our usual equipment, but 3 new products will make their tradeshow debut: The Hub™, the CoPilot®, and a 6 mm pressure sensor.

We have spent years researching and developing these technologies and are thrilled to be able to present them to you. Our research was very much customer-driven with the goal to build solutions to challenges our customers face every day. Through developing these tools, we hope to reduce molding costs and improve part quality across the globe.

Here’s a brief overview of each of our 3 new products:

1. The Hub allows injection molders and plant managers to simply and remotely monitor our entire plant floor from a web browser. It clearly displays and records which machines are producing good, bad, and suspect parts and why. It can also display data from multiple plants across different locations.

2. The CoPilot is an injection molding processing software that provides technicians with a simple step-by-step walkthrough of how to put a process back to template, allowing technicians of all experience levels to produce quality parts every time. The CoPilot also works as a communication tool—users can record process log entries that detail what actually occurred to deviate the process.

3. The 6 mm strain gage sensor is a robust, indirect (under the ejector pin) pressure sensor that works in conjunction with the eDART System™ to assist molders in diagnosing processes and automatically sorting suspect parts. The 6 mm sensor head is the smallest strain gage sensor available, permitting the use in molds that may have tight clusters of pins with limited room.

“We continuously strive to provide solutions to the issues that molders face on a daily basis,” said Ken Fassett, International Business Development. “That’s why we devote so much time interviewing customers to learn about our biggest molding problems before even beginning development. These new tools are specifically built around and for molders to increase employee skill, increase OEE, improve process stability and reduce waste.”

We hope to see you at our booth in October to show you just how powerful these tools are! If you have any questions in the meantime, or if you’re not able to make it to the show and would like to know more, shoot us an email.