RJG Celebrates Growth & New Expansion

We are excited to announce the completion of our building expansion. Construction began on June 20, 2016 and concluded a week early on July 28, 2016. The new addition includes a second story, a server room, and several new office spaces. We have been working with Bryan Lawton, Vice President at Grand Traverse Construction, since he built the original building in 1998. Lawton worked in conjunction with the architect, Ray Kendra of CWS Architects.

“Bryan and Ray, under a strict completion deadline, were able to give RJG a second floor its employees can be proud of,” said Jeff Andersen, Manufacturing Manager at RJG. “The logistics to pull off such a feat in the time allowed and to do so with such attention to detail is unheard of these days. I would like to thank Bryan and Ray and all the employees that worked on the second floor addition. I hope in the near future we’ll have the opportunity to work together again.”

RJG has faced huge growth recently—we have increased our employee base by 43% in the last three years. With this growth arose the need to expand our headquarters in order to comfortably house all of the new employees. This addition is expected to promote the teamwork, productivity, and drive needed to create a happy, healthy workplace.

“When adding a second floor and displacing many employees turns into a fun build, it’s a successful project,” said Judie Groleau, Director at RJG. “The expansion’s success is also attributed to close collaboration between owner, architect, and contractor, from design to completion. This addition will be a wonderful workplace for our employees.”