RJG Training Evolves – And Wins an Award

Research has shown that 80% of lecture-based learning is forgotten a day later. Over the years RJG has transformed our teaching techniques to overcome this obstacle and create the most effective training courses possible. We’ve worked with experts in the training field and internal teams during implementation of three specific transformations.

1) Instructor Centered Training – Years ago, RJG’s teaching strategy was the industry standard “Instructor Lead Training” which meant the instructors would simply convey the information from the slides to the students, answering questions when asked.

2) Active Learning Model – About 8 years ago RJG strived to improve their courses by applying the Active Learning Method (ALM) which included more activity driven learning.

3)Participant Centered Training –  The next phase began with in 2012 when RJG converted all class slides into a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) reducing the slide count in each book, putting a higher focus on core content.  RJG then contacted The Bob Pike Group, a highly reputable training development company, to help transform RJG’s teaching strategies to be even more activity driven and participate centered.  The goal was to significantly improve the student’s understanding and retention of all course content.  RJG’s training and consulting department went through the intense process of learning and applying new training methods.

These changes quickly resulted in a 74% increase on student’s post test scores.

This long and challenging journey was rewarded further when in October RJG’s training and consulting department was presented with the Pike’s Peak award. This highly competitive award is given to individuals and/or companies whose successful implementation of Participant-Centered training, transformation of training materials, and ongoing teaching techniques positively impacted company performance. Critical criteria were reviewed, tested, and confirmed onsite RJG by Bob Pike representatives in order to be eligible for the award. Many large companies compete for this award yet RJG was the sole winner for 2015. The 2014 Pike’s Peak award winners were Oklahoma State University, Wells Fargo, and Whirlpool HSS Team.

Join us in giving a big shout out to RJG’s Trainer/Consultants and all who supported this transformation.  This is a huge accomplishment that supports RJG‘s goal of making our customers successful. Well done!