Tip of the Day 58: Addendum to Tip #57: Two More Setup Values + Template

After sending that list of machine setup values Steve B. pointed out that I had forgotten a couple of basic ones.

Sequence Time / Hold Time

Average Value / Coolant Delta Pr.

Note: Saving a Template Also Stores Values

Notice that when you save a template on the eDART all summary values are saved with the template. You can add them to the “Cycle Values” tool and see quickly if there has been a process change on any of these machine setup parameters. Of course if you are graphically competent you can look at the cycle graph and see different slopes on stroke (speed changes), pressure during hold and such. Some would rather work with the numbers.


Sequence Time / Hold Time: This is the time that the Machine Sequence / Hold (as figured out by the eDART’s sequencer) is on. It is a fundamental process parameter that, if changed, can cause material to flow out of the cavity because the gate is not sealed or the part is not solid enough.

Requires: A knowledge of where hold starts and ends. The start of hold can come from setting the fill volume (in D2) or Seq. Module Input / First Stage or the V->P transfer. The eDART uses the end of Machine Sequence / Injection Forward for the end of hold. Note that this only requires a sequence input module for hardware.

Average Value / Backpressure: The average injection pressure over the screw run time.

Requires: Our “Delta Pressure” sensor hooked up with across the mold cooling lines. And it requires some sequence signal to cycle the eDART to collect data. Mold Clamped is usually enough.