Tip of the Day 36: Machine Fill Graphics

As the previous tip discussed the best measurement of “filling” from the machine’s point of view is to have fill start after the suck-back is “used up” and then end fill at a fixed volume. This provides a stable signal for such summary values as Effective Viscosity / Fill, Average Value / Fill Flow Rate (and Fill Speed), Process Time(s) / Cavity Fill and Fill and Pack computations. In valve gate control the start of fill is volume = 0. This provides a stable reference point for opening and closing valves on volume.

In the graphic below fill begins when the screw moves forward past the point where it was when the screw motor stopped on the previous shot (volume = 0). The “Defined fill volume” of 1.025 cu. in. was set by the user. This is commonly done on the cycle graph with the cursor but can also be done by making a short shot and pressing the button on the “Sequence Settings” Fill tab.

If the user does NOT set the fill volume (after the process has stabilized) then the eDART will use peak injection pressure as the end of fill. More detail to follow.