Tip of the Day 3: System Overview is Alive and Well !

It has come to my attention that many of our people have thought that with the demise of Insightpro or Insightpro.NET that we had no way to view the whole plant. This is not true.

We have had such a tool as a replacement ever since we pulled Insightpro. This tool is called “System Overview”. It is part of the “eDART System Utilities”. You (or a customer) can download it from our website at:


This includes the System Overview that finds all the eDARTs, displays their operating status (up, down), alarm status and IP address. All customers that are not using Insightpro can use this today if they have a network.

This install also includes the latest Analyzer that shows alarm lines on the summary graph, among other things.

Meanwhile we are testing a fancier version called “Overview.Net” that may (for purchase) show the cycle and summary graphs over the web. Usually this would be on the customer’s internal network only. But he could open it up for visibility from the outside.

This is the one we showed at NPE. At this time we will be insisting that it only be installed on a dedicated server (whether purchased from RJG or not is still in debate). It is being tested at three customers at this time and is working quite well. One has found that reduced the need for Phindows to a minimum.