Tip of the Day 25: The Gory Details

Continuing with the Valve Gate control topic, for those who need to know…

The document I sent Friday is the Installation and Setup for Valve Gate Control.

Once it is installed and running, what do you do next?

I have done some presentations at Executive Overview and in other venues that

try to provide some practical techniques. These could be fleshed out into a training

class or we can do individualized consulting on the subject of valve gate sequencing. For now, however, I have been keeping a somewhat abbreviated text document describing the essence of it. This I have attached.

This is an extended version of the paper I gave at Antec last year. It is only six pages of text and it tries to be practical instead of theoretical. So don’t panic. It covers different kinds of sequencing, the reasons for each and special points about each. More importantly there is a section at the last that explains the many pitfalls involved in valve gate sequencing.