Tip of the Day 24: Valve Gate Control Book

I understand that not everyone will be interested in this book. If it is not for you, delete this e-mail now. I am sending it to all just in case you get caught in the field or on the phone with a customer and need to understand what it is all about.

This manual is the “Installation and Setup” manual. It does not describe all of the ways you might process with valve gate control. Just the basics of how to get it running and what can be set up to open and close gates. We are working on a more complete book for processing.

I would assume that those who need it will be keeping a copy of this manual on hand for when the need arises. Curt Otto and his support team will be disseminating information in the future. So if this book changes you should get a notice to that effect. In fact, if you are missing any information (especially recent items such as the eDART REDI kits or Lynx Quad Temperature) be sure to contact Customer Support and get the latest scoop.